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  • Background and Challenges

Many airlines are embroiled in the business of ticket processing, when their resources should focus on providing safe, affordable and comfortable travel services.

  • Trusted Hub's Outsourcing offerings

Trusted Hub operates an airline ticket-processing hub to process airline tickets. We are able to scan and process very high volumes of mixed batches of tickets, which vary in size, quality and paper thickness.

Experienced operators prepare and batch the airline coupons ready for scanning. Our high volume scanners process and sort the flight coupons, which arrive as paper originals or carbon copies. A strict verifying process ensures that information extracted from the flight coupons is accurate, and the provision of a managed archive allows access to any flight coupon for the airlines.

This service is an invaluable tool for tracking and auditing passenger sales, as well as managing the entire billing cycle for third party airlines. Airlines benefit from substantial improvements in operational efficiency and greatly improved access to ticket information.